Searcy Arkansas Things To Do

Pack a picnic and take a trip to one of Arkansas "most scenic parks to enjoy the natural state's scenery.

If a relaxed stroll is more your style, grab a cup of coffee on the way and head to one of the most popular coffee shops in Searcy or take a walk. Jog along the paths, pedal along the scenic bike path that runs alongside Gin Creek, or pose for photos in front of some of the best street art images from the search and rescue services. After a drink and admiring the artistic works of local artists that adorn the walls, take a table and have a lively conversation. You might even catch an artist working on his latest masterpiece, and you can even pose and pose.

Get in touch with your creative side and create a beautiful decorative piece, or attend one of the many art courses offered at the Searcy Art Center. With different classes with different art forms such as ceramics, painting, photography, sculpture and more, you will be able to find the perfect medium for yourself and your significant others. There are a variety of courses to choose from, and it's up to you to choose your favorite and head to the other side of town to experience a few hours of fun and creativity.

The soda jerk is seasonal, so check out the full calendar for everything or follow them on social media to see what's on show. You can find more information on their Facebook page and the latest news and updates on their events every week.

Enjoy classic baked manicotti and chicken marsala or share some exceptional spaghetti Lady Tramp style. Try two dishes that will make your taste buds dance and if you are looking for something different than the typical spaghetti and meatballs, then come for a delicious meal.

Keep things interesting by challenging your significant other with a board or card game. You may even have the chance to follow the Harding tradition of three ring-swinging and catch your breath.

If supporting local games is your idea of the perfect date night, then head to Center Square for a game. If you want to get more out of the nature, head to Arkansas State Park, a great place for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities.

If you're hungry, Savor is the only place in town that offers delicious crepes with savory and sweet options. If you want to have a bite, they offer a unique sandwich option or share one of their incredible sweet treats.

They offer a wide variety of ice creations made from various ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate, vanilla pod and even coconut. Try their cold brew ice cream, which floats cold on coffee or midnight oil - brew. Homemade, a scoop with waffle cone or ice cream with coffee, coffee and shaved ice cream. With their unique flavours, you will have something for everyone with their ice cream and cream with coffee.

The Hourglass Escape Room is one of the most popular escape rooms in Arkansas, and if you escape all the time, it doesn't bring you closer together. See what it takes to escape with a group of friends in a dark, dark room without light, sound and light.

If you really want to meet your date, head to the Hourglass Escape Room and enjoy each other's company while searching for the best escape room in Arkansas and the funniest escape rooms in the country.

The famous spring singing takes place over the Easter weekend, during which a short musical production of various clubs is performed. The performances take place all year round and vary from year to year, with performances of Matilda and The Big Fish taking place with the annual homecoming game in October. It offers a beautiful view of the beautiful flowers that bloom in spring, as well as a variety of musical performances.

Art Alley is just one downtown spot where you can see the art explosion that has overtaken Searcy. It is full of works by local artists and is one of the most popular places in the city for art and music performances. Center Square was voted Arkansas' second best cultural center and hosts local actors and directors who perform some of Arkansas' best-known plays and musicals under the name GoldenPond.

The warehouse is one of the few places in White County where you can enjoy a margarita (if you are eligible). Everything on the menu is delicious, from classic Mexican dishes to the best baked beans you've ever had.

If conversation and coffee are your idea of the perfect date, you can find the right cup and atmosphere at one of the local Java joints in Searcy. If you want to share a comfortable couch, try a sip at the local café. This is the one - stop shop for everything sweet for a sweet - tooth - themed evening.

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