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'Governor Asa Hutchinson has allowed the state's football teams to wear helmets starting August 3, but the Arkansas Activities Association has said it will continue to adhere to its 2020-21 schedule, which is scheduled for August. 27th Football programmes will continue to exist until they learn that no one in the programme has come into close contact with the players. Bailey said the football team will resume play once the Arkansas Department of Health approves.

The Arkansas Democrat learned of the positive test Sunday night, according to the newspaper. The district is in the process of notifying all students who may have had contact with the players or their parents or guardians.

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The school also participates in various community events, including the school's annual football game against the University of Arkansas in Little Rock and the Arkansas State Fair.

The baseball team won Arkansas' AAA state championship in 2014, while the Bagley school won a state title in baseball. The girls cross-country team won the Arkansas State Cross Country Championships in 2015, and the Wildcats won their first national championship in school history. Team Breakaway won the Arkansas Bayou State Championships for the second year in a row in 2015 and the state championship for the third time in the last four years. She also ran for the team at the 2016 Arkansas cross-country championships, the first time in her school's history, and the second time ever for a high school athlete.

The Greenwood defense then broke up two passes and stopped Searcy with a loss of yards and a first down. The Bulldogs had six sacks in the first half since the second was smothered by coverage, and did it on the final drive.

Three plays later, Holt ran down the right side, hit a defender on the goal line and turned over a 4-yard touchdown run that ended with 3: 45 left in the first half. Greenwood cranked up its offensive after a missed field goal, and Holt turned away from Searcy with a four-yard touchdown pass and a touchdown pass to Ohl with 5: 36 left before halftime. Ennis added a 24-yard field goal in the third quarter, but a three-yard out returned the ball to Greenwood with 4: 15 left. Holt hit Ohl from the scrimmage on the next play to increase Greenwood's lead to 33-0, his third touchdown of the game.

Holt played a pass to Marc Jones, who intercepted a block from Landon Sloan and scored on a 21-yard touchdown play. Jones intercepted a wide open two-point pass from Holt, setting up a continuous block under Arkansas Activities Association sportsmanship rules.

In the third, which ended with a punt by Greenwood, Searcy had a first down and drove down the field. Steady Grant Ennis booted it to Greenwood and the Bulldogs pulled off three straight runs of at least 20 yards to take it into their own 20. Searcey's defensive back itched inside the 20 and scored a 10-yard touchdown run to give the Arkansas 9 with 8: 11 left in the half and a 14-7 lead.

After Searcy missed a field goal early in the second quarter that would have decided the game, Greenwood turned the tide and scored three quick touchdowns in three minutes and 20 seconds.

The Harding Academy choir program has received high marks for its ability to perform, compete locally, nationally and on a regular basis, and to tour regularly.

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