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The U.S. Postal Service is now accepting applications for temporary post offices needed in Arkansas for the post office in Searcy, Arkansas.

The ARcare Center for Education and Wellness is accepting applications for a full-time nurse position in the Searcy, Arkansas area. Applicants must have a current LPN license with CPR and be willing to travel to the ARCare service area and provide coverage in Conway, Mayflower, Lonoke and England. Applicants must have current RN licenses and CPR, have a current RN license and / or CPR, and behave accordingly. Applications must be ready and able to go to AR Care's service areas and receive treatment at both Conway and Mayflower, as well as Lonkeys, England, and Arkansas Medical Center.

You must be in the service area and behave accordingly in accordance with ARCare's policies, procedures and procedures. You must have current LPN licenses and CPR, have a current RN license and / or CPR, and have acted accordingly.

You must use the correct telephone and medical terminology, which is an advantage, but applicants must understand ARCare's policies, procedures and procedures, as well as the proper use of the phone.

For inquiries related to local recruitment, please contact the Post Office where you would like to apply or ARCare. HS Diploma must currently have an insurance license and be able to obtain a valid driving license with at least 3 years of experience in the insurance industry. We prefer applicants with at least two years of insurance experience, and we prefer applicants with more than one year of insurance and / or insurance coverage experience.

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News media inquiries should be directed to Leisa Tolliver Gay or Sam Bolen (see contact information in the news media). The Arkansas Post is currently advertising online at under the section Search for Jobs online. The Post Office encourages applicants to check their employment website to keep up with changes in the various job offers.

They adjust, adjust, calibrate and adjust to ensure compliance with local and state regulations, regulations and regulatory compliance programs. Ensure that any additional pricing tasks related to local regulation, regulation or compliance are completed accurately and within the required timeframe.

We are stronger when we embrace the different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds that make us unique, and we find common ground in the technology and the machines that surround us. Our values allow us to tackle some of the most difficult challenges on the planet without losing sight of the essentials. The specific vision and skills required for this task include the ability to look everywhere and adjust our focus to what we are on that day, whether it is the weather, weather conditions, the environment or a particular product.

Working for ARcare means choosing to change the lives of people who may not be fortunate enough to receive the quality care they deserve on a regular basis. The impact of a healthcare provider like ARCare will be significant and rewarding, and we are confident that our patients will have as much impact on our lives as we do on their lives.

ARcare's Regional Nurse Manager accepts applications for the position of full-time employee at the Regional Health Care Center in Searcy, Arkansas. This full-time position is required to travel to other ARCare clinics in the NWA area and work in other areas of the state.

The Transitional Care Coordinator, in collaboration with the Care Coordination Team, will ensure that patients receive all the services they need, including, but not limited to, transport to and from the Regional Health Centre. The attending physician also has the ability to coordinate and monitor all aspects of patient care and services at the patient center and other ARCare facilities. The provision of stocks, including warehousing in departments and excess stocks, and the availability of stocks, equipment, stocks and equipment for patients and staff. This includes requesting repairs to the store system if this is required in the absence of the manager or at the request of another manager.

Providing services as defined in state and local laws on patient care, patient safety and patient access to healthcare and services.

Employees are responsible for the domestic economy in their work areas and should maintain these areas as much as possible. Employees must comply with safety rules, wear the necessary personal protective equipment and report accidents or unsafe conditions to supervisors without delay.

Coaching other team members while working on the warehouse vendor's ordering process to create, review and receive orders, including opening the back door for the supplier. Make daily price changes and make sure that the correct signage is displayed throughout the store to support accurate pricing of products.